Published: 2/18/2011

Author: Ashlee Kelly

With their melodic vocals and epic screams, Pittsburgh metalcore band Maesion captures passion in their latest EP I Am Atlas (2010). The album features eight tracks and embodies a Greek-like theme, including titles such as“Pillars of Hercules,” “Blueprints of Icarus,” and “Poseiden, My Enemy.” I Am Atlas is currently available to fans for free - not only is this band sick, but charitable as well.

You can’t listen to this album and sit still. Abundant with bold guitar riffs and punchy screams, I Am Atlas gets inside of you and makes you excited to see what the band has in store next. Maesion’s sound is similar to that of Underoath and The Devil Wears Prada, with their contrast of breakdowns and screams, with melodic vocals. Nearly every song on the album uses this formula, but each has their own distinct differences.

Personal favorite songs on the album include“Cronus Vs. The Ocean,”“The Land of the Lotus Eaters,” and “Pillars of Hercules”. Top honors would have to go to “Poseiden, My Enemy” - the song begins with steady guitar riffs accompanied with screams, and then gradually builds intensity.  The song gives the feeling of a battle, capturing the song title’s feeling of enemies colliding.

With their fan base growing in not only Pittsburgh but around the United States, Maesion has a promising future. Through word-of- mouth promotion, the band is getting their work out there and people are starting to take notice. This was evident at the recent Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards, where the band took home the title of Best Metal Band.

This is the first Maesion album I've heard, and they’ve certainly made a fan out of me. Next time they play a show in Pittsburgh, it's likely you'll find me in attendance.

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